Chief Executive Message:
I am much pleased to introduce SHEIKHAN CORPORATION as a      well-reputed and well-organized organization. We as an organization are committed to producing quality products, which confirm to our customers requirements and strengthen our position as a quality managed organization.
Our pledge is to provide the market with the best quality products
at  competitive  prices   through  a  customer   driven  and  service oriented  dynamic  management team.  To meet this obligation we
are  updating of  employees  skills  by  training,  accusation of new technology  and re-evaluation  of  its  quality  control  & assurance system.

Appropriate resources of the organization will be directed towards achieving the quality goals through employees’ participation.

Chief Executive,
Sheikhan Corporation
Sheikh Muhammad Yaqub.
Chairman, Fair & Exhibition Committee
Vice Chairman, Duty Draw Back Sialkot
Dry Port Trust Ex-Vice President SCCI Sialkot


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